On Target
November 12, 2010
Now is the time!

If at the time of the publishing of this column the Executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) has not made a decision about getting a new Technical Director, then the time is now!{{more}}

Certainly, our own Samuel “Sammy” Carrington does not fit the bill.

Carrington, who has been in the job for almost a year, has done little to impress the Football public that he is endowed with the acumen needed to carry this country’s Football forward.

His utterance at the end of the Trinidad and Tobago match just over a week ago, in the Digicel Caribbean Cup, when his team was whipped 6-2, that it is sometimes good to lose, is enough for him to take his leave.

What a spouting of nonsense that at a regional, prestigious competition in which US $120,000 is at stake for the winner, as well as other good cash prizes for the second, third and fourth places, as well as a trip to the Gold Cup in the USA in 2011!

Carrington has epitomized callousness and flimsiness in dealing with one of this country’s most precious jewels, Football.

Carrington has not demonstrated that he is equipped with the professional approach needed to deal with a nation where Football is in need of a kick start, and, similarly, rejuvenation.

Carrington, who has assumed the role of chief and everything of most of the national teams, has been scoring a failing grade especially in his interpersonal relationship with this country’s flagship outfit, the Senior Men’s team, Vincy Heat.

The Technical Director appears to be on the same level with the players, and there is little differentiation between him and his charges. In fact, it sometimes appears as if the players are leading Carrington.

As it stands, Carrington wants to be on the players’ side, much to the detriment to his own cause, and the cause of the nation.

The players seem to have the remote in their hands as they switch it on and off according to their wants and needs, with Carrington tagging along merrily.

The free abandonment that reportedly was displayed while the players were in camp last month during the staging of Group B of the Digicel Cup here is common knowledge.

Results wise, since the start of his assignment, this country, in all competitive matches, has won one match, and has lost eight. What a poor record!

But that is not all, as there is no distinct improvement in the standard of play, nor the attitude of the players, mainly the senior squad.

They still appear to be an average club team, with no signs of graduating from their amateur status.

And, having to handle undoubtedly a talented crop of footballers who can easily give this country ten years of service, Carrington as Technical Director and Head Coach has given them the wrong medication as a starter.

Yes, there are mitigating factors, such the unavailability of venues, the lack of a professional league, among others, but at least, there must be some structures in place to provide for the upward movement of the sport.

But Carrington is not the only person to blame for the state the sport has found itself in.

The Executive, Carrington’s employers, are equally tardy, as they should have read the riot act long ago to him. Deliver or depart!

You have left the problem to fester, and it has reached the gangrene stage, and amputation is the only cure.

President Joseph Delves and his Executive, you have that pointing at you, too, as you, too, will have to deliver or depart on the issue of dealing with that key post of a Technical Director.

To Delves and his Executive, with all your other plans in train, history will be very unkind to you so, too, will this column if you do not act at once and do something to salvage what is left in our Football.

Now is the time, too, for the complete removal of the Mound at the Sion Hill Playing Field.