October 7, 2004

The family of the late Mrs. Eldica M. Providence of Old Montrose, Kingstown who died on September 23rd 2004 would like to thank all those who visited, telephoned, prayed, sent cards, flowers, attended the funeral or in any way sympathized with them during our time of bereavement.


How do you say goodbye

To someone who cared for you

A Mother who watched over you

Fussed over you

Loved you, smothered you

Did not give up on you

How do you say goodbye?

How do you say goodbye

When in life

You must say goodbye

There comes that time

When we must let go

Pour through the memories

The good times

The little fights, misunderstandings

That does not seem to be so

Important now.

How do you say goodbye

When really

At the moment

There is no good

In goodbye

So goodbye

Mrs Eldica Marie Providence

Woman, Sister,

Superwoman, Saleswoman,

Choir Member, Church Member,

World Traveller, Christian,

Friend, Advisor,

Wife…Mother of Five,

Grandmother of Eight,

Stepmother of Two,

Aunt and Godmother

To many others

May you rest in peace

Knowing we all loved you

Were glad to have known you

Very proud you were our mother

So sayanora

Sweet mother

Till we meet again

May god bless and keep you

As you sleep in the sweet

Bye and bye…


By: Tien A Providence

Sadly missed by husband, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.

May she rest in peace.