The restaurant at the site of the Pirates of the Caribbean set at Wallilabou.
November 8, 2022
Operators of Pirates of the Caribbean looking forward to bumper tourist season

by Jada Chambers

Operators of Wallilabou anchorage, site of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ set are in high anticipation as the 2022-2023 tourism season begins.

The anchorage is said to be one of the most famous sets, where the Disney film “Pirates of the Caribbean” was shot 19 years ago.

The set from the film is now transformed into a restaurant and is decked in Pirate props, photographs of actors from the film, remnants of the ship, life-size figures of Jack Sparrow, the film’s main character; and an autograph signed by actor, Johnny Depp.

The set is a recreation of the Pirate town of Port Royal during the 18th Century .

Though the film created a lot of exposure for the anchorage, the Manager, Steve Russell explained that the anchorage had been doing business with the yachties long before the film and has always been big on tourism.

“A lot of people may think that the film did so much for us, but Wallilabou was great before that.”

Though the Pirates of the Caribbean is said to have done ‘very well’, Russell shared that the anchorage rarely receives support from locals, except on weekends.
He explained that not everything on the set was meant to last.

“ A lot of people figure [we] had a gold mine, but those things were deteriorating.”

Russell also commented that people still do not understand that the film was from the 1970s, so if the anchorage portrays a rusted look, that is what it was in the days.

After two years without tourists due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and the eruption of the Soufriere Volcano the resort, along with craft folks and fishers, are set and ready for the season in much hope that the resort will be as it once was.

The manager also shared that there are areas which can be improved to enhance the experience of visitors to the site.

“I think we could add a little more props… because I think people still want to hold on to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme.”

He also explained that the roads into and out of the location become a problem when it rains.

The property is set on the Walliabou Beach in Barrouallie and is divided into two areas: The Pirates Retreat, and The anchorage, where the resort is situated.

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