SVGTCCU, your  total credit union
November 4, 2016
SVGTCCU, your total credit union

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Co-operative Credit Union Ltd (SVGTCCU Ltd) continues to uphold the practices and philosophies of the co-operative movement, as we celebrated Interna­tional Credit Union/Co-operative Week, October 16th – 22nd 2016. The SVGTCCU Ltd joined with co-operators locally under the theme, “Credit Unions: The Authentic Difference” and extended their activities for the entire month of October, demonstrating this difference.{{more}}

We at TCCU commenced on October 11th, when we gave full support of the Co-operative Department’s 2016 National School Co-operative Awards Ceremony. We recognized and presented gifts to SVGTCCU Ltd, sponsored top three School Co-op savers for 2016.These were the Lodge Village Govern­ment, Richland Park Government and the South Rivers Methodist School. They received gifts of a stereo, a microwave oven and a printer, respectively.

The Youth Club is a unique arm of SVGTCCU that was established in 2011 to nurture young leaders. They, along with members of staff, hiked to the Vermont Nature Trail on October 15th. It was a challenging climb, but much fun with fantastic scenery, especially for those exploring the trail for the first time.

On International Credit Union Day, Thursday, October 20th, 2016, the SVGTCCU Ltd joined with other co-operatives in recognizing members for their valuable contribution and loyalty to the Credit Union movement. However, our full Appreciation/Members Interaction Day is scheduled for December 22nd, 2016.

Friday, October 21st was a buzz of excitement at the SVGTCCU. On that day, we participated in the ECCB’s Financial Fair, hosted a games evening and launched our 2016 Christmas Loan Special. Our Christmas Special, offering a maximum of $10,000 at 7.5 per cent, re-echoes our co-operative difference, in that while ‘others take your interest, we take interest in you’.

However, the highlight of Friday, October 21st was the 2016 New Members Seminar. This session brought together the future ‘thinkers and shapers’ with the leadership and volunteers of the Credit Union. They were exposed to the functioning of the various committees that help to manage and guide the Credit Union. They were also informed of how they can become an active part of the leadership structure. Many expressed their gratitude for the knowledge received and for the services that they have benefited from thus far.

The final two activities for the month were the fund-raising Food Sale organized by the Youth Club and our annual School Co-operative Education Tour.

This year the tour was organized under the theme “This Island is Mine”, with the objective of having the children know their island. The route took the sixty four (64) participants through the ‘back roads’ on the windward side of the island, with stops in major villages and sites of interest. These included observation of a number of churches in the Mespo/Richland Park area; stops at Montreal Gardens; Greiggs/Maroon Hill; the Rastafarian settlements; Chapmans; the three tunnels/under­mines in South Rivers,

Park Hill and Byera; River 14 in South Rivers and Black Point. The participants were selected from the co-op schools sponsored by the SVGTCCU Ltd.

Within the month of October, we were able to celebrate with young Bro Kerron Glasgow, who received an exhibition award and Sis Avril Hamilton, who was awarded a National Scholarship. We congratulate them both and wish for more successes in their academic pursuits. Both students are recipients of SVGTCCU’s Secondary and A level scholarships during the period 2009 – 2016. Bro Kerron Glasgow is currently the public relations officer on the SVGTCCU’s Youth Steering Committee.

The SVGTCCU pledges to continue its pursuit of being part of the Co-operative Authentic Difference. We say thank you to our many members and stakeholders who are playing their part in providing financial stability for this nation.