June 30, 2015
TCCU pledges support to STEM vacation summer programme

Registration for the STEM vacation programme closes this Friday, July 3.

STEM stands for Science, Technology. Engineering and Math and the one-month programme is designed not only to assist students in their core curricular subject areas, but also to expose them to other areas of study.{{more}}

The programme is in its third year and the coordinator has been working along with other coordinators of several organizations whose main purpose is for the development of youth academics here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

One such organization is the Teachers’ Co-operative Credit Union (TCCU), whose main goal is to support the development of students and teachers in whatever capacity it can. TCCU has pledged its support to the STEM summer programme by donating a batch of books, which would be given to children who have completed the five-week summer programme. According to the TCCU’s representative Michael St Hillaire, “we are all about children development, this is why we have decided to support the STEM initiative and give books that we know students would use sometime in their academic career.”

The STEM programme is now geared towards students from as young as eight, with well qualified facilitators and some very enthusiastic mentors.

“We are out to create an environment where students are comfortable with learning academics, as well as gaining sufficient experience in other fields of studies such as Robotics, Game Development, Art and programming, just to name a few,” a release said.

With assistance from organizations such as the TCCU, participants of the STEM 2015 summer programme would have the privilege of being provided with all their materials while they attend.

The programme is scheduled to begin on July 14 and will conclude on August 14. Registration closes on July 3. For more information, interested persons can call 434-6847, visit the website, or join them on Facebook at Stem St Vincent.