March 18, 2011
Tertiary Level Institutions to be registered by National Accreditation Unit

The registration process for Tertiary Level Institutions (TLI) will begin in earnest this year.{{more}}

A press release from the National Accreditation Board said access to an online Application Form will be available and published in the local press in the very near future, and all such institutions are required – under the National Accreditation Act – to participate in this undertaking.

“It has come to the attention of the National Accreditation Board that there are some establishments in St. Vincent and the Grenadines which are advertising programs, collecting tuition, and issuing completion documents to vulnerable candidates, while the establishment does not meet the requirements set out in the legislation.

“The Board wishes to advise the general public to make inquiries at the National Accreditation Unit or the Ministry of Education to ascertain relevant information about any institutions PRIOR to enrolling in programs offered by such establishments,” the release said.

The release said formal complaints have been lodged with the Board with respect to some such establishments, and the Board is investigating those complaints. Moreover, the Board encourages those administrations/operators to cease this activity.

To reach the National Accreditation Unit, please call Telephone number 451-2420 for further details.