December 4, 2009
SVG Creative Sector gets a revival

A SPECIAL meeting of persons involved in the creative sector has resulted in them agreeing to revive a dormant association and fast track another.{{more}}

On Saturday, 28th November, 2009, the Ministry of Culture, working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade, held a special meeting and sensitization session with persons involved in the creative sector.

The session received a presentation on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between European Union and CARIFORUM, facilitated by Commonwealth Trade Policy Analyst Gibriel Bah. His presentation informed those in attendance about how to make use of the provisions of the EPA to meaningfully benefit in cultural and entertainment sectors in European countries.

The session which comprised visual artists, designers, audio-visual producers, and musicians also broke into groups to discuss the concerns of the various disciplines represented at the meeting. They proposed strategies and identified ways to tackle the challenges they face in developing a vibrant creative industry.

Coming out of the meeting participants have committed to revival of the dormant SVG CREATE, a craft collective and to fast tracking of AMPE, an association of music professionals and entertainers. Other bodies are also expected to emerge. A number of sector representatives have banded together to form a steering committee for the formation of an umbrella body of the creative sector. Follow up meetings are to be held over the next few weeks and the next broad gathering will happen on Saturday, 16th January, 2010.