August 28, 2009
13,000 sacks of fertilizer arrive in SVG

The 13, 000 sacks of fertilizer promised under the Petros Alimentos Programme have arrived and will be available for sale as early as next Monday.{{more}}

This was disclosed by Chief Agricultural Officer Reuben Robertson at a press conference held at the Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday afternoon.

“The Ministry of Agriculture, having had several consultations and discussions with farmers, wants to ensure that a system is in place to allow for the equitable distribution of the fertilizers,” said Robertson.

All applicants will be asked to fill out a form giving the name of the farmer, the farmer’s registration number, address, telephone contact, farm location, crops currently cultivated, acreage, stage of maturity of the crops, and the number of sacks desired.

The application will have to receive a recommendation from an extension officer and approval by the Chief Agricultural Officer before a farmer can purchase the product.

Banana farmers will be allowed a maximum of four sacks; plantain and root crop farmers – three sacks; and vegetable and tree crop farmers – two sacks.

Last month, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves disclosed that EC$1.4 million will be used to purchase fertilizer and should arrive in the state by the end of August.

At the launch of the Alternative Sustainable Livelihood Programme a few weeks ago at the Methodist Church Hall, Minister of Agriculture Montgomery Daniel pointed out that subsidized fertilizer is sold to farmers at EC$104 per sack. However, farmers will pay EC$55 per sack under the new programme. (HN)