May 22, 2009
Diplomatic passports questioned

Eight ministers of religion are among the 147 persons who are holders of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Diplomatic Passports.

This is according to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who was responding to a question asked of him by opposition Senator St Clair Leacock.{{more}}

Also counted in this number are 31 parliamentarians, including some former parliamentarians, four judges, 35 senior government employees, 27 in the diplomatic circle, seven goodwill ambassadors and 25 spouses of persons in the various categories.

He boasted that persons to whom diplomatic passports have been granted by his government can stand up to any scrutiny.

Also included in that question was whether Attorney Graeme Bollers and Victor Hadley were holders of diplomatic passports and if Reuben Morgan’s diplomatic passport had been returned.

The Prime Minister told the House that neither Hadley nor Bollers had been granted a diplomatic passport and Morgan is no longer a holder of one.

There are 72,944 regular passports, Dr Gonsalves also stated.(KJ)