Prince is Top Dog at Unique show
April 17, 2009
Prince is Top Dog at Unique show

by Neal Jackman 17.APR.09

On Easter Monday, April 13th, a prince arose and claimed his rightful place as king of the park, with the Best in Show award when Unique Animal Care announced the winning entrants at its third Biennial dog show.{{more}}

The event took place at the entrance to the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex and showcased a pack of over 20 immaculately groomed canines.

During a brief chat, Veterinarian Dr. Colin Boyle, owner of Unique Animal Care, told Searchlight: “The show will become an annual event from next year.” Around 100 supporters attended the event.

The winning dogs and their owners were rewarded with applause, trophies and dog food.

The Best in Show, the overall winner, was Prince, a glorious 4-year-old Keeshond owned by Greg Francois. Greg, the Collections Superintendent at the Solid Waste Management Unit, said: “Prince is from the Spitz family of dogs which includes the Pomeranian, Akita, Eskimo dogs, Siberian husky and Chow Chow. The breed originated from Holland.” Prince is otherwise known as K-Central’s Fool’s Dream.

There were six effective categories of competition. First prize in the under 6 months category went to Sponge Bob, a fluffy Akita Cross owned by Keron Fergus.

The top toy dog on show was Popsicle, a Yorkshire Terrier also owned by Gregg Francois. Second in the toy segment went to Snowie, a Poodle owned by Cynthia Lougheed, whilst third place was nipped by Haze and Dalrie John’s Poodle, Foxy John.

Among the sporting breeds, Prince the Keeshond proved again to be “top-dog” despite sharp competition from Frosty, the jacketed Bequia Poodle belonging to young Jada Simon.

Third place was fetched by Haze and Dalrie John’s Bequia Poodle, Fluffy John.

The number one herding dog was Keron Fergus’ German Shepherd, Snow. Foxy Lady, a Welsh Corgi owned by Mary Barnard took second spot.

The oversize and muscular terriers had a firm grasp on everyone’s attention on Monday afternoon. Sebastian Joseph’s Pitt Bull Sky took the top terrier prize. Kimroy Hanaway’s dog Blond, also a Pitt Bull, came second. Lick Shot, an athletic tiger patterned Pitt Bull belonging to Ken Findlay was third in the terrier group.

The Open Category’s top spot was closed to all but a king sized Rottweiler Cross owned by Dr. Charles Woods, called Prometheus. Second went to Chocolate, a Weimaraner Cross owned by Michael Willams. Jet, a Rottweiler / German Shepherd Cross owned by Annique Boyle took the third position.

The smooth and shiny Rottweiler Tiger, owned by Gary Trotman, was the best of the working breeds. Second place in this section was taken by Shadow, a polished Rottweiler belonging to Leroy Alexander. Towering above all in stature, Nick, Simon Despointes’ Bull Mastif clenched the third spot.

One dog was disqualified for biting another.