Sentry Insurance opens new branch in Bequia
March 27, 2009
Sentry Insurance opens new branch in Bequia

One of this country’s locally owned insurance companies is poised and ready to respond to the need for security in the current global economic situation.{{more}}

The assurance has come from Chief Executive Officer of Sentry Insurance, Veronica De Souza-Phillip, at the opening of the company’s new agency in Bequia on Tuesday.

De Souza-Phillip, in her address to members of the Bequia business community present at the launch, said that her company is in a position to revolutionize the insurance market with what they have to offer.

“Sentry is seeking to spread its wings at a time when the world faces financial and economical crisis; at a time when the insurance giants regionally and globally are facing many difficulties,” said DeSouza-Phillip at the launch held at the Bistro restaurant.

De Souza-Phillip said that her company is not indifferent to the situation, but is learning from it, and is being prudent and ever mindful of the investment vehicles that are used.

She also said that Sentry has developed products and services which are adaptive to the needs of the businesses in every industry which the company services.

Tuesday’s event saw a turnout of business owners, some who are already clients of the company, to a brunch held in their honour.

Warren Campbell, the General Manager of the office, which is situated in the Bequia Technology Centre building in Port Elizabeth, indicated that current and potential customers can expect the same standard of customer service as experienced at the main branch on James Street in Kingstown.

Campbell said that eventually the company’s reach would stretch from the Grenadine isle to the other neighboring islands.

He noted that the company was growing and changing with the times and is able to satisfy the needs of customers in Bequia.

Sentry Insurance is a 100 per cent locally owned insurance company which has been part of the Vincentian insurance landscape for the past ten years.

The company offers services in auto insurance, employers’ liability commercial property, homeowners, among others.

Meanwhile, CEO De Souza-Phillip said that the insurance industry on a whole is still a vibrant and relevant service, and it would in the end weather the global financial storm.

“We (The insurance industry) are going nowhere. The insurance is strong and will continue to serve its customers. This is the time for us (Sentry Insurance) to grow, mature and spread our wings; that is why we can open an agency here (in Bequia).”(JJ)