March 6, 2009
Pre-Schoolers Donate to the Elderly

In an act of kindness and consideration, the pupils of the Layou VINSAVE Pre-School donated two baskets of fruit and vegetables to the senior citizens at the Buccament Golden Years Centre on Tuesday, bringing cheers and smiles to all.{{more}}

Bridgette Commissiong, teacher in charge of the pre-school, told SEACHLIGHT that their theme for the term is “Food”. She said that her school promotes healthy living, and disclosed that they had already made donations to two elderly persons at Layou. She said that the donation to the centre was an extension beyond their community and that they hope to make other similar donations in the future.

Patricia Griffith, administrator of the centre, expressed thanks to the teachers and students. “I hope that others will follow suit and make donations,” she said.

The elderly at the centre were quite happy, and many took the opportunity to interact with the children, giving hugs and kisses. Retired nurse and guardian at the centre Phyllis Coombs said: “We really appreciate these gifts, and it’s not very often that we get fruits. This is a real treat.” (AC)