February 6, 2009
Dennie family asks for justice for their son

Fighting to hold back tears of grief, the parents of radio personality Peter Dennie claimed that they have already forgiven the person or persons who allegedly killed their son and injured his wife; but at the same time, they are calling for justice to be served.{{more}}

Dennie died last Thursday morning, following an apparent attack and fire at his Fairbairne Pasture home, shortly after coming in from his shift at NICE Radio, where he was employed.

His wife was subsequently hospitalized with head injuries.

The parents, Amos and Gloria Dennie, who have helped hundreds of children over the years, are wondering how and why would anyone want to hurt their son, whom they described as the most affectionate and loving person that they know.

Between sobs, the patriach of the family, and also the Bishop of the Evangelical Churches of the West Indies, believes that the death penalty should be reintroduced when a person is convicted of heinous crimes.

He said: “I would like to condemn this action and all other actions in the strongest possible terms. I call on the relevant authorities that the death penalty be reintroduced.”

“This has been my position all along, not because it has hit close to home. The Bible clearly states that whosoever sheddeth a man’s blood his blood would be shed by man.”

The parents remember seeing their last biological child last Tuesday, when he dropped by to pick up a rim for his car.

They said they would always remember him for his discipline and his affection.

“He would always hug me everywhere he met me. He was very friendly to people, especially the elderly,” said his mother.

The Dennies claim that they have been receiving support from all over the world – even as far away as Papau New Guinea.

“We have even had to put people to answer phone calls from people offering condolences. It has been overwhelming.”

The pastor indicated that a foundation will be set up in their son’s name, as part of their continuing contribution to underprivileged and neglected children.

The family is also offering its prayers and full support to their son’s wife Kenisha, who was still hospitalized up to press time.

The couple, who got married in August last year, was described as very loving and affectionate.