January 23, 2009
Canouan celebrates U.S Inauguration

Two hundred and fifty students on the Grenadine island of Canouan, accompanied by their parents and teachers, were able to witness the historic inauguration of the 44th and first Black President of the United States of America on television, thanks to a joint venture by LIME and Majella Gallant.{{more}}

By 10 a.m last Tuesday, “Majella’s on the Beach” was flocked by students from the Canouan Primary School and the Love and Care Pre-School who turned out in numbers to witness the inauguration ceremony of President Barack Obama and to be entertained thereafter with sumptuous barbeque, games on the beach, music and the popular bouncing castle. The event also attracted a group of fishermen.

The initiative was the brainchild of Gallant, the proprietor of “Majella’s on the Beach” and the Setanta Group Limited.

Gallant expressed that occasions like these are worth documenting.

“I wanted to make my contribution to the kids who will be the ones to benefit from this new era in world politics. Kids all over the world are energized by the Obama doctrine, and kids here in Canouan are no different. The Ministry of Education, LIME and my volunteers must take full credit for making this historic occasion possible,” said Gallant.

“This event is being filmed so that these lovely kids will be able to reflect on this occasion twenty five years from now and say ‘I was there at “Majella’s on the Beach” when Barack Obama the first Black President of the United States was inaugurated’,” Gallant added.

LIME’s Country Manager, Angus Steele, said: “Every country, every island, every school and every student worldwide celebrated in their own way”. He said the initiative was unique since the students spent time in their own environment, on the beach, to celebrate. He promised that LIME would continue to work closely in the communities to make people’s lives better and was proud to be associated with the students of Canouan.

The event was also attended by Sylvester Tannis, who paid tribute to the Ministry of Education for granting permission for the students to attend the function at “Majella’s on the Beach”.

“This is the same as having their history lesson on the beach and having fun doing it. Research has shown that kids learn better if they are having fun while learning and this initiative by Majella and LIME will always be remembered and appreciated,” said Tannis.

Save the Children of Canouan, Raffles Resort and Keresone Lamp Foundation also contributed to the event.