June 13, 2008
bMobile introduces new service for prepaid customers


This country’s leading full-service telecoms company today introduced a brand new service for its prepaid mobile customers.{{more}}

“Me2U”, as it is termed, is a new feature which gives prepaid customers the ability to transfer all or part of their credit balance to another prepaid bMobile account using SMS or text message commands.

Before a customer could send credit from any prepaid account, he or she must first register by sending a text ‘REG’ and then customer’s four digit date of birth to the number 126. For example, a typical successful registration command would be: REG 1980. This is a one time procedure from which the system will confirm successful registration and issue a unique four digit PIN# which is to be re-used for all future credit share transactions.

To now send credit, a bMobile prepaid customer should type: Me2U PIN# 10 digit prepaid mobile number that the funds are to be sent to and the amount being sent, all texted to short code 126.

“We are ecstatic that we can provide such a service to our prepaid customers who may choose to use this as a means of managing mobile funds, especially parents who are now able to allocate specific sums from their balance and transfer to their children’s account when desired. For emergency purposes, this service is invaluable, as any family member or friend can now send as little as $1 and as much as $200 credit easily and instantly to their loved ones when needed”, touted Foster Hannaway, VP Mobile, Marketing & Broadband.

“Me2U provides an excellent complement to the very popular “Gimme 5” (GM5) product which has been overwhelmingly successful with customers wishing to privately borrow $5 to continue a conversation or start a new one when topping up is not convenient”, he added.

Prepaid customers roaming within the bMobile Caribbean will be also able to send and receive Me2U transactions, whilst those roaming outside the bMobile Caribbean, e.g. the USA, will be able to receive a Me2U providing that the sender is from the customers’ home island. A nominal fee of 25cents is deducted from the senders account for every Me2U transaction. The sender’s account must have a minimum balance of $1 for the transaction to be successful.