June 6, 2008
Matthews: ‘No Long Talk’ causing trouble at school

“The girls come crying (saying) that the boys saying take off your panty, no more long talk.”{{more}}

Those are the words of Teachers’ Union president, and principal of the Belair Government School, Joy Matthews, as she voiced her concern about the lyrics contained in the 2008 hit song by Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle and Vincent “Blakie” Cuffy, “No more long talk.”

After a press conference earlier this week at the Teachers’ Union Mckies Hill headquarters, Matthews said that she is very concerned about the undisguised sexually suggestive lyrics contained in the song, and the effect they have on very young children, like those who attend primary schools.

“Calypsoes over the years were suggestive, with double meanings; it was left for us to read between the lines. This song is too obvious,” she said.

Last week members of the clergy expressed similar views, condemning the lyrics of the song as being too obviously sexual, without disguise, which they suggested could be harmful, especially to young children.

“There are children who are already mannish,” she said.

Matthews also objected to the suggestion in the song, which he says devalues women.

“It is suggesting that for us as women, we don’t need to know who you are. I meet you and bam, I have a sexual relationship with you,” Matthews said. (KJ)