December 3, 2004
Digicel minutes rolling over

Digicel has announced the introduction of rollover minutes, a new offer that allows customers to keep their unused monthly minutes.

The company says rollover minutes will become active for all Digicel post-paid customers this December throughout its Caribbean network including Aruba, Barbados, Cayman, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. {{more}}

With Digicel’s rollover, post-paid customers are automatically eligible and enrolled in the value added rollover minutes service with no additional cost or activity needed on their part. Digicel says the billing system “will simply carry over every unused minute for use the following month”.

Raoul Fontanez, Digicel Group CEO ,said in a release that the company “once again raised the bar on providing enhanced value for [their] customers by being the first mobile telecommunications company to introduce rollover minutes across our networks, adding significantly to our expansive service portfolio”.

The company lays claim to being “the only mobile provider in our markets that lets customers keep the minutes they have paid for”, while not requiring customers to engage in any activity for them to immediately enjoy the benefits.

With a digiSelect post-paid plan, customers who don’t use all allocated minutes will have minutes rolled over to the next month, saving money and time.

For example, if a Digicel customer has purchased a digiSelect plan that allocates 300 minutes and the customer only uses 200 of those minutes, then 100 minutes will be added onto the next month’s allocation for a total of 400 minutes.

Rollover minutes service has been popular with mobile customers in the United States and Europe adding value and control over spending and usage. Digicel rollover minutes are protected regardless if a Digicel customer’s phone is lost, stolen or damaged. The rollover minutes that are carried over from a previous month are clearly detailed on the customer’s bill.