Vincentians get PAHO award
November 12, 2004
Vincentians get PAHO award

For the second time in two years, Vincentians have gained Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO) recognition for their work on health-related topics.

The two, Carlos James and Jessica Bess, were cited for certificates of merit during the 12th Annual PAHO Media Awards for Excellence in Health Journalism, held Friday, November 5 in Barbados. {{more}}

James of the SEARCHLIGHT was awarded a certificate of merit for his work on child abuse. His stories, “Healing the Scars After Abuse” and “Child Abuse In The Ghetto”, received a merit award. The stories were published in the annual Carimac Times magazine this year, while James was pursuing a one-year diploma in Media and Communications, specializing in print and online journalism at the University of the West Indies, CARIMAC.

James said that he feels good because the award is recognition of his hard work: “I am delighted that my work was recognised at a regional level by a noted organisation like PAHO,” said James, who added that he congratulates PAHO for recognizing the work of regional media practitioners.

Bess, employed at Nice Radio, who took top honours last year for her work “Smoking”, this year submitted a radio piece on “Asthma”. Contacted Tuesday, she was still not aware that she had received the award. She noted, however, that she was very glad she had, as she was hoping to show some persistency in her work.

“I like highlighting different issues that affect people,” Bess said.

The duo will be presented with their PAHO Merit Awards and given local recognition in a ceremony at the Ministry of Health, at a date not yet decided.

Last year, SEARCHLIGHT reporters Lyf Compton and Hawkins Nanton jointly received a PAHO Merit Award for an article “Life With HIV/Aids”, which brought to the forefront the plight of a young father of two living with the disease.