September 3, 2004
Minibus operators,Transport Ministry meet

Last April, before the opening of the third school term, members of the National Omnibus Association held a meeting on the Sunday before school reopened. The following morning, the nation was crippled when Van drivers protested. {{more}}That action caused a disruption in the normal flow of events. It caused a rapid intervention by the Prime Minister. The action by the Omnibus operators was overwhelming. Thousands of commuters were marooned, and had to straggle over distances to get to work.
This Sunday another meeting of the Omnibus association is planned. With the recent increases in fuel prices, members of the Omnibus Association are anxious to ensure that their proposals are given some attention.
Parliamentary Secretary in the transport Works and Housing Ministry Senator Glen Beache expressed concern over some aspects of NOBA’s presentation. Beache, son of national Security Minister Sir Vincent Beache, was preoccupied with the prices school children were being asked to pay. A meeting between NOBA and the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing scheduled for today is expected to fine tune details of the price structure.
Beache described a meeting between NOBA executive and the Ministry as “cordial.”
But focus will be on Sunday’s gathering and what evolves.