May 28, 2004
Two centres for the elderly to be built

Minister of Social Development Selmon Walters has announced that two activity centres are being constructed for the elderly: one at Black Point and one at Pembroke.
These, he said, would be like day-care centres for the elderly. He told the graduating ceremony that the elderly are the second most vulnerable citizens in our country, the most vulnerable being our children. {{more}}
Walters, speaking at the graduating ceremony of caregivers, said the programme therefore signifies “a good day for the elderly in St. Vincent and the Grenadines”.
Minister Walters went on to say that the government continues to fulfil some more of its pledges to the elderly and has “developed a comprehensive programme to address the problems of the elderly in our society today”.
He further noted that St. Vincent and the Grenadines has a primary health care and geriatrics programme that is second to none and that it is one to be emulated.
The Minister said that over 400 of this country’s elderly citizens would benefit from the growing number of health care providers. However, he said that the presence of the caregivers does not absolve the families of the elderly from their own responsibilities.
Minister Walters urged the graduates to love, be kind and to be patient with the elderly. He also said that we could all make the country better by joining hands and developing our human resources.