May 21, 2004
ROC Donates clothes and toys

A group of local organisations including churches are the recipients of several boxes of clothing and toys donated to them by the Embassy of the Republic of China.
The toys and clothes were donated to Ambassador Elizabeth Chu on May 6th from her friends at the Buddhist Light International Association chapter in Florida in the United States.{{more}}
Ambassador Chu, in remarks at the handing over ceremony, disclosed that the Buddhist Light International Association is one of the largest religious groups in Taiwan and that there are currently over 100 Buddhist Light chapters around the world. She said the association places a lot of emphasis on social services through well-designated activities such as the International Disaster Relief Fund and the Save the Earth campaign.
The ambassador said that it was in keeping with this association’s goal of consoling people and bringing love and peace to humankind that prompted her to ask them to help persons in this country who are disadvantaged.
Ambassador Chu also outlined that this is the first time that members of the Buddhist Light International Association are visiting St. Vincent and the Grenadines and that she believes that through their coming, the relationship between Buddhism and churches here will be strengthened.
The recipients of the clothing and toys are the St. Vincent Save the Children Fund (Vinsave), The Salvation Army, the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), St. Thankful Baptist Church, the Roman Catholic Pastoral Centre, the Sandy Bay Gospel Chapel, and Higher Lowmans Spiritual Baptist Church.