No bad behaviour allowed for Hot Gal 4 boat ride – Promoter
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March 28, 2013
No bad behaviour allowed for Hot Gal 4 boat ride – Promoter

Persons planning to attend the Hot Gal 4 – All White boat ride on Easter Monday are being cautioned to conduct themselves orderly or be prepared to get locked up.{{more}}

Well-known promoter and organizer of the much talked about boat ride, Regis Splectron, made the declaration on Monday, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT.

Last year, the promoter held a similar event, Hot Gal 3, and according to reports there were several violent incidents.

This year, however, Splectron says “no bad behaviour will be allowed.

“It’s Easter and Easter is a time for peace, and white is the universal colour for peace. And last year on the Hot Gal part 3 we had a few mishaps, so we are going to promote a more peaceful boat ride this time.

“So, we expect everyone to come out dressed in white and act virtuously…” the promoter stated.

One of the main elements that affected Splectron’s boat rides in the past was the limited number of security personnel.

This time around, security will be beefed up, according to Splectron.

“We will be having six SSU (Special Services Unit of the Police Force) officers and 10 personal plain- clothes security persons. We are going all out to ensure that adequate security is in place for this event.

“So, anybody who gets disorderly onboard will be detained by the security officers and handed over to the police upon return to the Kingstown wharf,” he stated.

Committed to ensuring that what transpired last year does not repeat itself, Splectron said he has since sought advice from several individuals, including Commissioner of Police Keith Miller and owners of the boat on which the event will be held, Jayden T.

“First, they say that the ad needs to be toned down, because the ways how I hype the ads are bringing people out in a hyped mood, hence creating all sorts of bacchanal.

“So, this year I am promoting my ads more funny than wil’ up. That, I hope, will have persons coming out less hyped,” he said.

Splectron says he is convinced that by changing his usual hyped ads, patrons will behave in a calmer manner.

“If I say, come boat ride and wine up pon somebody woman, a man might want to come boat ride and actually wine up pon another man woman, because Splectron say so. And that by itself can cause some conflict.

“So, I think this new approach will work out for the best,” the promoter and comedian added.

It was also revealed that no alcoholic beverages will be allowed on board the vessel.

“Only the beers and Guinness sold at the bar will be allowed,” Splectron stressed.

The promoter said Hot Gal 4 is a “more upscale” event and is requesting that the public adhere to the measures put in place.

Compared to previous years, Splectron disclosed that ticket prices have increased and stated his reasons for doing so.

“We have to up the price for this boat ride, because if we don’t, there will be too much persons seeking to go. So, we have to carry the price up and hope people change their minds,” he said with a chuckle.

“But seriously, we have to because the boat has a capacity for 500 persons, and we do not want to go over the limit, because that right there again is another problem, which I wish not to experience.”

Splectron, however, promises patrons a “grand time” on Easter Monday onboard the MV Jayden T.(AA)