Grenada Carnival–hot and bubbling
Local Vibes
July 23, 2004
Grenada Carnival–hot and bubbling

By Edwin Frank

Carnival lovers dying for more excitement, flare and party just need to head to Grenada for the Big Spice Mas 2004.
This dream could be a reality in 30 minutes. Just board a plane at E. T. Joshua and you’ll be there in the short space of half an hour.
Currently Grenada is hot and bubbling for Spice Mas 2004.{{more}}
Moods are changing as preparations intensify for the grand event. The early planning, coupled with the stunning success of Carnival 2003, have combined to make everyone “expect more in 2004”.
Grenada’s real Carnival magic is slated to begin at 9 p.m. tomorrow within the Tanteen Netball Court.
This quickly makes way for the real fireworks of the Annual Melody Pappitete Calypso Semi-Finals where 18 of Grenada’s most accomplished calypsonians engage each other for a position among the nine finalists of 2004.
Nestled amongst nightly calypso tents, wire benders, steelband arrangers and soca preliminaries, are the National Queen Show on Thursday, August 5 and the Panorama Competition on Saturday, August 7.
Sunday, August 8 is expected to be the big one as the reigning calypso monarch – the Black Wizard – tries to make it a third consecutive year at the top.
Carnival Monday, August 9 and Tuesday, August 10 will showcase the historic and contemporary aspects of this major festival where Jab-Jab, History Mas, Wild Indians, Shortknee and Pierrot will take centre stage.
By then the competitions for Soca Monarch, Calypso King, Panorama Championship and other titles of the season will have been decided. All that would be left for determination is the Band of the Year and Road March titles. The Tuesday afternoon last lap is designed to conclude the list of winners.
Truly, August in Grenada is real fun, excitement and merrymaking. Considering also that both the Rainbow City Festival in St. Andrew and the Carriacou Regatta are also on show, one realizes that visiting Grenada during the first 2 weeks of August is an experience that should not slip you by. Contact your travel agent or visit our website at