Cedars man found dead in his garden
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January 24, 2023

Cedars man found dead in his garden

A family member of Randolph Carlos Joseph, a 67 year old man of Cedars who was found dead in his garden last Thursday, January 19 says the family is awaiting the results of the autopsy before making any assertions.

When the report of Joseph’s (also known as Jagan) death began circulating last week Thursday after 2:00 p.m., persons first claimed he was stabbed by a mentally unstable neighbour. Later, reports claimed he was struck in the head by that same neighbour.

However, Joseph’s niece, Yolanda Grant, said her uncle’s autopsy was done on Monday but the family had not received the results.

She said the police had collected the results and they were awaiting a report from law enforcement to find out exactly how Joseph died.

“A loss in the family is always heartbreaking. When someone in the family is taken away, if it is from natural causes, you are content with it but we are a bit puzzled with his passing and we are awaiting whatever investigation the police is doing,” Grant told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday.

She said when she heard her uncle had died, she went to the area and she immediately thought that the way he was found was strange.

“From what I saw, he was in his briefs and his pants he was wearing was below his knee and his top was rolled up.

“….and he is the type of person that does not walk bare-feet, but he did not have on slippers and one slipper was where he usually sits by the side of the house and the body was in his garden,” Grant explained.

She added that persons in the neighbourhood were drawing conclusions, but she believes in gathering the facts and evidence before jumping to conclusions.

“I said to the family, ‘let’s put it as natural so we don’t start worrying and stressing, let’s wait for the evidence’. The police [have] not spoken to the family as yet, we are still awaiting their investigation,” Grant stressed.

“I don’t know if before I got there if anyone had tried to raise his body and notice any wound but from where I was, I could not have seen…

“…and I did not want to see because I just want to have in my memory the last picture I took with him with a smile,” Grant said.

She said the last photo she took of her uncle was last December when he met his Trinidadian niece and her family for the first time and he was extremely happy.

The deceased man is the father of three children, Natalya Branch in Canada, and Ernest and Camoy Branch in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). He has six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

The dead man’s brother, Vincent Joseph, said on Monday that he was saddened about his brother’s death. He related that his brother was a farmer and a good man and persons are entertaining the idea that he was murdered.

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