Workers discover possible human  remains at Zion Hill
From Left: Verold Jack a coworker of Hector says he believes the bones are of a human and Leslie Hector found the bones while working on a Heritage Tourism development site
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December 9, 2022

Workers discover possible human remains at Zion Hill

There is still some uncertainty as to whether skeletal bones found at Zion Hill in Barrouallie are human remains.

However, the Head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF), Superintendent of Police Clauston Francis said that it was communicated to him that it does not appear the bones are human remains.

Francis told SEARCHLIGHT that although he himself did not see the bones, he was informed that testing will soon be concluded and so far, it appears as if the bones may belong to the skull of an animal.

These bones were found inches below the surface of the ground around 9:00 a.m on Monday, December 5 by Leslie Hector who was working on a Heritage Tourism development site.

The hole where the bones were found

“Digging the hole…I saw this bone, this thing coming out…then I see the jawbone, so when I see the jaw bone, I say no this ain’t right, then I dig more further, then I see more bone coming out, then I see the skull come out…so then I said no, this a human skull.”

Hector told SEARCHLIGHT that he photographed the bones and sent the photo to a group chat which consists of him and his co-workers, as a part of routine practice done in order for everyone to see all the progress each worker has made.

He also said that he informed one of the executives of the group about the bones, who then informed a named police officer who was supposed to see Hector concerning the issue.

“She told me that she called [a named police officer] and he is supposed to come and see me, but I wait…he never come.”

The matter was also said to have been reported to the Forestry Department, where three representatives including the Forestry Range Supervisor for North Leeward, Kathleen Trumpet-Wyllie visited the site the following day Tuesday, December 6.

Trumpet-Wyllie confirmed visiting the area and is said to have reported the matter to the police upon encountering the bones.

Hector said “The police came and start to dig up the place. They find some more bones”, but because the police cordoned off the site he was unable to see much more.

Hector explained that the Barrouallie Heritage Group is working on a tourism project which includes developing a trail to allow access further up the mountain.
It is being funded by international agencies to attract both local and foreign visitors.

The project aims to provide opportunities for exercise using the fitness stations, obtain suntans, rest under the gazebos and then zip-line or trail back down the mountain.

Director of Forestry, Fitzgerald Providence further explained that “The forest has been prone to fire over the years and there’s a trail that we had developed there with the community group (Barrouallie Heritage Group), working in sync with us, have permission to develop the trail, and they were developing a particular site for outdoor exercise on the trail, because it’s going to be a trail for recreation and exercise, so it’s in digging the foundation or the holes for…that particular feature that they discovered the bones.”

However Providence said he is waiting for further clarity concerning the matter and hopes that this discovery will not reflect poorly on the Zion Hill site as the Forestry Department has worked tirelessly in maintaining, protecting and developing the area over the years.

Hector’s co-worker, Verold Jack, who on Wednesday, December 7 said he believed the discovery was of a human spoke of his surprise when he saw the bones.

He said he has been working alongside the Forestry Department for over 20 years and has never seen a sign of bones buried underground.

“Since me come from Zion up there, me never see no object and nobody dig out no hole to bury nobody so that thing have to happen long before Forestry take over Zion Hill because it get different people who used to farm up here… so that thing could take place all them time…

“When me hear (Leslie) say them find dead hole, me can’t believe… because since me ah walk on them road, ah one how it dey all time until he start ah dig and find them bone dey…me surprised… Me astonished, me say dead bone? way dead bone ah do they dey?

The testing of the remains will answer the question- are the bones from a person or an animal?

However, the Forensic anthropologists are yet to confirm.

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