OSANNA SPROTT (left), with her dad Oneil Sprott..
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June 24, 2022
Osanna ties for third place in CPEA

OSANNA SPROTT is happy and proud of herself, having placed third for girls and third overall in this year’s CPEA examinations.

The 11-year-old, who attended the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School rounds out the top three positions, alongside Miles Durrant, a Fairhall Government School student who placed first for boys and third overall.

To achieve this feat, she told SEARCHLIGHT she “studied everyday and I went to extra lessons once a week on Saturdays and I also did quizzes and watched videos of the topic I was studying”.

She noted that the subject she had the most difficulty with is Science because it was difficult to remember all of the information.

Oneil Sprott Sr and Tamara Job-Sprott said she overcame this challenge by reasoning and using the process of elimination to get the right answers.

Osanna missed out on the perfect 100 per cent score for Social Studies and Mathematics, respectively by just one mark.

“I did really well in Social Studies and Mathematics and I was good at it because it was easier to remember and I had fun in the classes,” she said, adding that Mathematics was also her favourite subject because she finds numbers fascinating.

The 11-year-old is not yet sure where the future will lead in terms of a career, but if she had to guess, it would probably have something to do with computer science.

She is encouraging students to study hard and never doubt themselves.

Oneil Sprott Sr told SEARCHLIGHT his daughter, whom he describes as humble, quiet and shy, took the news of her results very calmly.

He said the family was not surprised as they were certain of her ability to perform well.

The father added that everyone was proud of Osanna’s achievement, particularly her brother, Oneil Sprott Jr, who also placed third overall in 2018.

Osanna will attend the Girls High School in the new school year.