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Windsor Primary School maintains its 100 per cent pass record

Windsor Primary School maintains its 100 per cent pass record

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THE WINDSOR PRIMARY SCHOOL has maintained its 100 per cent pass record at CPEA for yet another year.

And Anella Roban, the school’s headteacher attributes this to the highly motivated teachers as well as the “intrinsically driven” nature of the students at the School.

“We have been doing this for a while now, 100 per cent passes,” Roban told SEARCHLIGHT, noting that the last time the school recorded a less than 100 per cent pass rate was about seven years ago. “We’ve been doing well. Teachers are passionate about their work. They are passionate about teaching and delivering the curriculum and they do so with a lot of style and new innovations- creativity and so they were able to get across concepts to the students.”

About 14 students from the Windsor Primary School sat the CPEA examinations this year, including Ennabelle McMaster, who placed fifth for girls and sixth overall.

Roban noted that the students faced many challenges in the last academic year as a result of COVID-19, the dengue outbreak and the volcanic eruption, but were able to overcome these challenges and perform well at the external examinations.

‘As a matter of fact, our theme for graduation was: Through challenges, we soar for great heights,” she said.

The headteacher added that, “if you want to be at the top, you have to have nights when you didn’t sleep, you have to let go of certain things, you have to be able to stick to the tasks, be on time and be purpose driven, focused driven, intrinsically driven”.