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Fairhall Gov’t staff proud of school’s performance

Fairhall Gov’t staff proud of school’s performance

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ANGELLA KYDD-ROBERTS, the principal of the Fairhall Government School said the entire staff is proud of the performance of their students at this year’s CPEA external examinations.

The school recorded an approximately 84 per cent pass rate for 2022.

Kydd-Roberts told SEARCHLIGHT that while the school performed better last year, she believes it is a fair result overall, particularly as they continue to work in terms of academics and inclusivity of all children.

Fairhall Government School student, Miles Durrant placed first for boys and third overall in this year’s examination, a feat the school’s principal said was not too big for the Grade six student.

“He’s always done well internally, so it wasn’t a surprise,” she said.

Miles was also among three students who recorded the highest score, 100 per cent, for Mathematics.

And she congratulated him on his performance.

Kydd-Roberts noted that in general, students faced several challenges this past academic year as it relates to their learning and preparations for the examinations.

She said teachers had to work diligently to settle students and prepare them for learning again in the classroom setting. She added however, that these challenges were overcome by the middle of the first semester.

“We are proud…Generally, we just continue working with the students.We have a loving staff, caring staff, hard-working staff,” the principal said.