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February 18, 2005

Sheldon ‘Dutch’ Bain, fugitive from the law in his native Grenada was up to last Wednesday, under Police guard at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Bain, of New Hampshire, St. Georges came to prominence following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ivan last September. {{more}}

Bain had reportedly been wanted by Grenada Police since February last year after he broke out of the penitentiary before he could be sentenced after he was found guilty in December for his part in the murder of Omelia Roberts, a Vincentian trafficker.

Bain’s photograph was among several that were circulated to media houses by local police after they reported the presence of escaped convicts from Grenadian prisons on Vincentian soil.

Once again Bain has surfaced. He was reportedly shot in his right leg last Friday night at Redemption Sharpes, in Kingstown.

Bain told the Police that an unknown assailant shot him when he was in a yard.

He was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he identified himself to the Police. He said he had sought protection at the hospital from a man in a vehicle whom he believed wanted to “finish me off.”

Police did not confirm whether Bain was wanted in connection with a double murder, which occurred at Trigger Ridge Redemption Sharpes, Friday December 10, 2004. The shooting of that couple, in the wee hours of that morning is believed to have been part of an underground battle.

Vincentian security officers would only say that Bain “is of interest to the local Police”.

A number of the Grenadian fugitives had their run for freedom curtailed here.

As many as 30 prisoners, of different nationalities had made a dash for freedom in the wake of a break down in security following Hurricane Ivan.

Vincentian Police have since captured a number of Grenadians on Vincentian soil who were all wanted in connection with serious crimes in their country.