From the Courts
October 28, 2016
Man claims bird dropped ganja seed in yard, plant grew

A Cane Hall resident was on Monday fined $1,150, after he claimed that he cultivated marijuana in order to make wine, tea and sometimes, juice.{{more}}

When he appeared before the Serious Offences Court, Amos Thomas pleaded guilty that on October 21 at Upper Cane Hall, he cultivated four plants of genus cannabis and on that same day he had in his possession 725 grams of cannabis with intent to supply.

Police say that around 12:05 p.m. last Friday, officers who were on duty at Upper Cane Hall approached Thomas after they saw a plant on Thomas’ property.

The offence was pointed out to him and he replied, “Officer a bird drop the seed and the tree start grow just so.”

While walking around the premises, officers found three more plants to which Thomas replied, “Officer, I only plant them to make tea and sometimes juice.”

Further searches on the premises revealed a quantity of marijuana underneath the two-storey structure. The offence was once again pointed out and Thomas replied, “Ah put them to dry to make wine.”

Thomas was then arrested and taken to the narcotics base.

Upon hearing the evidence on Monday, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias asked Thomas if he saw the bird and why did he conclude that a bird dropped the seed, instead of presuming it was as a result of wind pollination.

Thomas begged for leniency, while explaining that he boils the drug in order to make wine and tea for friends who usually pass and ask for “ganja bush tea.”

However, his explanation did not sway Browne-Matthias who ordered that he pay $1,000 in relation to the 725 grams of cannabis and $150 for the plants.

He was instructed to pay $650 forthwith, with the balance of $500 being due by October 31, 2016, failing which a prison sentence would be invoked. (AS)