From the Courts
October 8, 2010
Jacobs gets five years for attempted burglary

Dwayne Jacobs’ checkered past as burglar did not help him when he pleaded guilty to an attempted burglary charge on Wednesday at the Criminal Assizes.{{more}}

Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle slapped a five year custodial sentenced on the young man of Kingstown, who has been in and out prison since 2005 on similar offences.

On Sunday, September 5, 2010, an anonymous phone call was received by the police, indicating that there was someone inside the Stangro building after the supermarket had closed.

An officer was dispatched to the scene, and on arrival, he heard a banging noise coming from the upstairs of the building. Upon closer inspection, Jacobs was seen climbing down the side of the building. The officer then made his presence known and told Jacobs to walk towards him.

When asked what he was doing in the building, Jacobs replied: “Things tight with me.”

Begging the judge to exercise leniency when handing down his sentence, Jacobs told the court of his troubled life.

He said he had been living on the street for the past five years and that he broke people’s houses for a living. “I used to like going in people’s place and I made that my profession for the five years I was living on the streets,” he stated.

The young man said his grandmother, who used to speak to him about changing his life was burned to death in a fire at Lowmans Leeward. “I been trying to make a life for myself, Your Lordship. I never spend so long out of jail yet. I now paying rent and I does even try to work two jobs,” pleaded Jacobs.

Although Jacobs said he has been conducting his own rehabiliation, Bruce-Lyle saw it fit for him to continue that process under more controlled conditions.

A two year suspended sentence on another charge against Jacobs was effected and will now run consecutively with the five year sentence.(KW)