‘Bop Bandit’ buys cocaine, Shirley biscuits with stolen cash
From the Courts
October 8, 2010
‘Bop Bandit’ buys cocaine, Shirley biscuits with stolen cash

Rogers Greaves, commonly known as the “BOP Bandit”, told a judge on Wednesday, October 6, that after robbing a woman of her purse and spraying insecticide in her face, he bought cocaine and Shirley biscuits with the $500 he stole.{{more}}

Greaves told this to High Court judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle at the Criminal Assizes, just before he was sentenced to six years imprisonment for robbery.

In addition to his six year sentence, Greaves is already serving 10 years for robbing his uncle, Paul Greaves, on April 30, 2009, at Choppins. He was also sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 on theft charges.

Greaves’ most recent sentence pertains to an incident on September 15, 2009, when he went into the Rite-Aid Pharmacy in Kingstown and sprayed BOP insecticide in the face of Melissa Bullock of Vermont and made off with her purse which was on the counter.

When he was arrested, Greaves told police that he saw the lady’s purse on the counter in the pharmacy and ran into Paul’s Avenue. That is when he stated: “I tek de $500 that was in she purse and throw away de purse and buy cocaine and Shirley biscuit.”

Clad in a creased white shirt and black pants, Greaves told Bruce-Lyle that he and Bullock had plans to get married. “I decide to marry she in church in front of tv cameras, but she (Bullock) lose respect for de marriage plans, so I just dispense my religious practice,” Greaves explained, as persons sat in the court with puzzled looks on their faces.

“What is your problem? Something is seriously wrong with you. I am getting fed up of people like you who are robbing innocent people,” the judge said.

Greaves’ sentences will run consecutively.