From the Courts
July 7, 2006
‘Murderville’ member confined to his home

Shalon Williams, a 16 year-old labourer of Campden Park and a member of a gang reportedly called, “Murderville” is now confined to his home from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. for the next six months and has been ordered to complete 40 hours of community service. In breach of his curfew, Williams would spend nine months at Her Majesty’s Prison.{{more}}

Acting Senior Magistrate, Donald Browne, handed down Williams’ punishment last Monday at the Magistrate’s court in Kingstown after he was found guilty of wounding another young man of the same address.

On June 29, 2006 at approximately 9:55 p.m. the young man was coming from a shop in the neighbourhood when Williams appeared, armed with a cutlass and “planned” the young man by hitting him with the flat side of the blade about his body. He received two “plans” to his head, one on his neck and a wound to his hand.

“Why are you even in a gang at that age? You need to do something more meaningful with your life,” Said Magistrate Browne. “I don’t like to send young people to prison but the name of your gang implies that you want to kill people for no reason.”

The Magistrate gave him a sound warning to take up a trade for a livelihood and distance himself from the “Murderville” gang.