May 27, 2005
Sister’s children – She was like a mother to us

Kameisha Hunter: She was like a mother to me. Loving, caring, always understanding problems…

Niellan ” Little Das” Willaims: She was a very adorable lady, loving, caring.. simply the best. Sister Pat wrote a calypso about three weeks before her death “Moments pass, consequences last”

This song will be performed by Niellan in the 2005 National Junior Calypso competition. {{more}}

Olando Charles: She was a woman of purpose. She loved young people and if you had a gift, she’d go out of the way to make you realize it. Her life was a sacrifice.

Stacy Bacchus: Sister Pat was a very hardworking, caring, thoughtful… She always thinks of others.

Shacolann Hackshaw: To me, she was my role model, she made me feel confident in myself. She made me believe that I can really sing [chuckles] She is a mother that any daughter would love to have. She is… Sister Pat!

Maria: She was a really great woman. Always made you feel confident; always gave encouraging words to build you up. She was always there to help. She will be greatly missed.

Ladia Ashton: She knew my whole family and since we are poor she tried to help me a lot. I’m so thankful for that. I last saw Sister Pat at my graduation. I’m writing eight subjects…

She always believed in second chances and about giving the best. Always wants to help you when you’re down.