Brighton students making strides
August 27, 2004
Brighton students making strides

Two former Brighton Methodist school students will have a good start to their secondary education.
And they will owe a debt of gratitude to the Striders International Club. This is a body of former Brighton Methodist School students. Most of them are based in the New York district, but are maintaining their connection to their old school. {{more}}Dorinson Douglas, a 12-year-old, enters the St. Vincent Grammar School, and Crystal Shallow enrolls at the Girls’ High School.
Douglas placed 30th for boys and 68th overall in the Common Entrance Examination. He had grades of 79 in General Paper, 73 Math, and 69 English.
Shallow scored 65 for both Math and General Paper, and 56 for English.
Patricia Caruth, wife of Julian Caruth, made the presentation. Julian, a stalwart of the organisation, died in November last year.
Striders was formed in May 1967. They have been a bastion of support for the school and the community.
Douglas, his mom Doris, and Shallow with her mother, Ann, praised the organisation for their assistance.
The ceremony was also witnessed by Grade Six teachers Cheryl Hackshaw and Samuel Holder, both of whom commended Striders and the students, and Community Aide Noreen Harry.