Help Foh Nichole I
Bassy - Love Vine
November 4, 2022
Help Foh Nichole I

Tears ran down by cheeks early Monday morning when ah saw on Face Book, ah house gutted all over wid fire. And when ah read de caption: Nichole Browne’s House destroyed by Fire, ah felt foh Nichole like me own daughter.

De size ah de flames tell me dat she would have lost just about everything, including her livelihood, her lickle Home Catering Business. Whenever ah get invitation to ah Valley Wedding, ah would check for who catering, as long as it is Nicole, ah don’t miss.

In my Love Vine Column, I would have congratulated Nicole several times foh her very professional service and excellent food. She is ah fighter, ah Valley Woman, and ready to get up and go again.
Come dis Sat-dey she is having ah Bar-B-Q. But I am appealing to de business houses to just help her wid ah complete Commercial Kitchen Outfit and Nicole will do de Rest. Thank You..


Dis November end-ah-month, ah number of former eligible Public Sector Workers in Grin-Ada, who retired as far back as 1985, will have much to Grin about. News coming out of dat country is dat newly elected Prime Minister, Dickon Mitchell will honour an Elect-shun Calm-Pain Promise, to pay long overdue pensions totalling EC$60 million to those workers.

There is one slight hitch, and dat is whether or not the Back Pay package will be paid in full or over ah period of time. Apparently dat matter was ah long outstanding legal battle between de former Keith Mitchell Administration and de Union (workers); but Prime Minister Dick-on de Ball, said he is “not fighting Legal Entitlements.”

Wow! Mr PM dis is great news, de ULP Go-venom-mint of SVG in 1998 made an unfull-filled elect-shun calm-pain promise of ah 30 percent increase to teachers and public service wukers.

And who is dis Prime Minister of Grin-Ada, de “Newest Kid on de Block?” He’s 44 year ole Dickon Amiss Thomas Mitchell who was sworn into office on 24th June just four months ago.
Ah country boy brought-up in humble “Carry-Beyond village-boy” environment.

Speaks gleefully of his boy days; joining wid de youngsters to go raid de Mad-is-straight mango tree, only to be greeted wid de blast of his “Worship’s” shot gun.

PM Dick-on breezed thru Secondary School, Law School at UWI, den completed de Bar at Sir Hugh Wooding. He now brings ah breath ah fresh air to Carry-Come. He believes in ah Carry-Beyond Civilization.

Oh boy, PM Mitchell welcome to SVG and learn about Carry-Beyond
Civil-lies-say-shun from Papa: “ We have embarked upon a quest to build a modern,competitive, many-sided, post-colonial economy which is at once national, regional, and global,in our people’s interest.”

Lie-Za say dat in simple Kaiso Lingo means: “ Nyam more bread and butter! Pay 16 percent VAT, in Grin-Ada 200 items will be zero rated within de next year. In SVG $ 16. 00 ah gallon foh gas, in Grin-Ada gas is $13. 00 per gallon.

Let’s stick to Grin-Ada and PM Dick-on who before he got into office made serious pledges like (i) improving Health Care, (ii) decrease unemployment and poverty; (iii) build affordable housing and (iv) boost Education. He has ah post-colonial concept of an Education Revolution wid ah strong ICT base and Modern Technology. Man wid ah scents-ah-humour and could heckle.

He did not fail to “tek ah jive” at de older heads at his first Carry Come Meeting way he noticed everyone else read from ah script, while he was de only one wid ah Cell Phone.

Lie-Za is planning to go Grin-Ada and steal him, because we need more Dick-on Mitchell and Mia Mottley heading Carry-Come.

Oh one last message foh PM Dick-on: “Yuh must stay way from dem Isms!”
And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor,folklorist and social commentator.