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July 22, 2011
Glen just clean up yuh Beach

Dis has been two long months of add-fussy-tea foh SVG and its Chief Executive Officer, Dr Gonsalves, yuh would think some-buddy “jump de PM Sheep! Is like de moment he said he going pon vacation after five years, de bad news start ah surface.

First was de news dat SVG’s name still showing up pon de US State department list of countries involved in Human Trafficking. Pardon me, but isn’t dat some kind ah trading in human beings foh de purpose of forced labour, sexual exploitation and so on?{{more}}

Dat is ridiculous, ah swear de only Human Trafficking in which SVG is deeply involved is wid de Warner tribe, headed by Miss Marie Warner herself. And some-buddy must explain to States department, dat trafficking de Marie Warners and Dudos Coke family of Jah-mek-her is not de same as human trafficking.

Like if dat was not enough headache, de PM’s cell phone “Zero” in on madam “Principle” at GHS, ah very unprecedented stroke coming from a noble leader. And yes, Amnesia, de recurring decimal, is on his case again. Apparently De Prime Minister of T’n’T, Mrs Best-ah-saw sent Senator Baptiste ah personal invitation to ah Woe-men’s conference, Best-ah-saw mek sure dey didn’t block Amnesia like dey did Senator Vee-Knee. But down in T’n’T dey didn’t forget to pack up de Senator wid ah set ah stat-is-ticks on crime: violence ‘gainst woe-men, from murder, home-aside, attempted Rape to Rape, abuse et al; yuh name de crime and SVG’s name (again), heading de list of OECS countries, we come fuss in every category. Hip! Hip! Hip who rape? De figures is nuff to mek all ah we-men hang we head in shame.

De only ray ah bright light at de end ah de tunnel, was de official signing ah de contract to build de Airport terminal building. Ah got to big up acting PM, Girl-in Me-gal foh showing what press conference is all about, Short and sweet like (Red) Ju-c; and foh inviting “Vincentians” (her exact word) to de ground breaking next month. Foh once we didn’t hear de usual crap : “Wear yuh Red come witness de ground breaking!”

Not even President Shove-his illness could turn off de pressure emanating from de increase in Gas prices and Mini Van fear! We however wish Shove-his ah speedy recovery and we still got hope foh cheaper Gas.

Ah think de I-sin on de cake was de CEO Glen Beach fee-ah-score, way de Awe-position leader at ah press conference, call on Glen to re-sign on ah matter ah “Conflict ah Interest”.

Maybe ah should remind readers dat ah week ago in de UK, Metro Police Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson resigned voluntarily, after he was criticized for hiring former News of the World executive Neil Wallis as an adviser, simply because Wallis is being questioned by police investigating de phone-hacking scand-hell.

When Lie-Za heard Eustace pounding Glen on ah matter ah Integrity, she said to me: “Is like de Ghost come back to haunt Sir Vin-Sin himself, if only he had kept his promise to have ‘Integrity Legislation’ introduced after 100 days in office”.

Ah want to back up ah bit. Ah year ago ah was quite impressed wid Glen when ah heard he had decided to quit Pull-ah-tricks after one term, get out ah public life and set up ah private company in Marketing, Public Relations and Communications, an area in which he was trained.

My antennas did not bother to light up when someone hinted dat Glen re-named his company Lonsdale Marketing etc, in keeping wid ah sister company in T’n’T, that was already contracted to do Tour-is-him marketing foh SVG. This Lonsdale name is ah big international Marketing group eh.

Ah saw no Conflict ah Interest developing even when he had included into his company, two Directors from de T’n’T Lonsdale sister company because, Beach had already indicated dat he was quitting Public Office.

However de whole dye-nah-mix changed when Beach changed his mind from going Private and took up ah lucrative Guv-ah-mint contract as de Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Marketing Manager wid de Tourist Authority.

De fact dat Beach himself on Wednesday, acknowledge dat he should ah remove his Lonsdale Marketing Company’s name from de books, shows dat he realizes dat as CEO foh Guv-ah-mint wearing one hat, ah Director ah Lonsdale wearing another hat, dat it would be unethical foh him to author-eyes or soup-have-eyes any contract dealing wid anyone wearing ah Lonsdale hat, be it buddy or See-see Lonsdale.

De case could ah close in one sentence at Glen’s press conference on Wednesday, had he said: “I made an error of judge-mint, an oversight, when ah decided to return to Public Office as CEO, ah should ah wound up my company and remove my Lonsdale Marketing company from de books and avoid being accused ah conflict of interest”.

So my son Glen, all dis talk about Arm-in being untruth-ful, spury-us, mal-ish-us, mis-shift-us is not necessary, just clean up yuh Beach!

Oh one last question, Do yuh know how much ah dah $75,000 did Skinny Fabulous get?

Finally de sense-us woman came at my home and ah N-joy de questions, nah mind dem people who fussing bout questions on fridge and stove and salary. Ah had problems wid de biographic info, when she asked me foh my ethnicity, my race, de questionnaire listed African, White, Indian, even put-ah-gee, but none to fit my brown skin race, so ah called Lie-Za and asked her what she put because, me and she brown skin alike, she said: “Way wrong wid yuh, till now yuh ain’t know yuh is ah MVM, Murray Village More-lotto!”

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.