Bassy - Love Vine
November 4, 2005
Organic foods all de way

Nah mek nobody fool yuh; all good things must come to ah end, me holidays done and ah have one regret and that is, ah didn’t get to full up one ah them barrels foh Christmas; the storm knock out all the electricity, when ah left Me-ah-Me was still in darkness. Is Lie-Za who mad, she did give me ah list as long as the voters list to shop.

Anyhow the time was good, it is important to travel every once in ah while, go see the world foh yo-self, see way really going on out dey, so that yoh could mek suggestions and add-vice. {{more}}

One ah the things that fascinated me up north was the high prices foh Organic Foods in those Supermarkets. Organic fruits, organic vegetables and ground provisions, organic eggs, organic chicken and meats even organic water all selling at unbelievable prices. Man ah was so excited that where food is concerned, right now ah craving from “Ah-gone-ache Food! And ah want to start ah one man calm-pain foh Organic Foods. Actually I’m firmly convinced that as an Agricultural country, SVG farmers have it made if we turn to Organic Farming, especially in Bananas; and this is the message that Renrick Rose has been saying but maybe he needs ah echo or ah amplifier to loud it up. So first and foe-most ah want to appeal to the hosts on them Bla-Bla Bla-Bla Talk Show Radio Programs foh help. Ah find now that Elections around the corner they have become non-productive way the nation is concerned. They seem to have one ah-gender and that is creating division among ah once loving people.

This country is bombarded with Talk Shows every day ah the week, Monday to Sat-dey with one item on the Ah-gender: Elections! “Who said this, who said that! Labour Now! One Term foh Paw-Paw”! Unadulterated, counter-productive crap! In my humble opinion, they way things looking, this country gone thru, there is lickle or no hope foh SVG. Not enough wuk is done getting our people ready foh imminent changes that can wipe out our E-con-ah-me! In the meantime the Politicians cutting up one another left, right and center to win seat while there is ah important message, ah Gospel according to Organic Farming to be preached.

We must set up an Organic Farming Unit, ah well structured something that has to incorporate the schools, this means expanding the Schools Agricultural Program All that money that was paid foh kids passing CXC was good only foh ah belly full and ah name brand, now we must put some real money into the Schools Agriculture Program, give the students incentive to do Agriculture and not just Agriculture, Ah-gone-ache Agriculture… No more scrunting the Toe-one-knees foh cosmetic aid, let’s get them to join with us and say “Ah-gone-ache Too”!

So ah lobbying foh my Ah-gone-ache Program; mek this lickle country ah haven foh tourist and our local citizens as well, who searching foh Ah-gone-ache Foods. Let this lickle country be seen and described by the outside world as ah only spot way Ah-gone-ache Foods knocking dog! Pack the Supermarkets and shops with Organic Foods; serve only Organic Foods at the Hotels and Restaurants, side walk vendors selling Organic peanuts and fruits and so on. There is ah Baaaig Market out dey waiting to be tapped into.

Let us get ah piece ah the action!


Salary increase or the promise thereof is now ah must at Elections with one unwritten condition, yuh vote! So we having an increase across the board come January with not even the slightest suggestion or hint of better results in the case of the Teachers and increase in production from public servants. In Denver Colorado, teachers have agreed to ah Program called “No child left behind” where salary increases will be in accordance with the children’s results. There is ah catch however, parents will now have to pay increase property taxes to meet the Teachers anticipated increased salary. Prominent Educator, Norma Keizer tells me that this program is not new, it functioned in SVG during the Colonial Days.


In the meantime the country is catapulted into ah state ah unproductiveness, business virtually grounded to ah halt, the greatest form ah activity is flocking the Elections Rally sites; “watch ah crowd ah people oooh”! What is quite significant is the number ah unemployed people or people in the country with nothing to do but follow the colours ah the Red and Yellow ban-wagon!

Please Come-red win or lose, and yuh not suppose to have any fear or be bothered about lose, but call elections now so that people can get on with their lives, investors can get on with investments and the country can resume to some form of productivity. Maybe this matter of the Prime Minister holding ah nation in limbo, walking around the place with the date of General Elections in his pocket is ah Historic Wrong that will have to be changed. Remember Come-red the greatest show of Power is not to show off that Power.

And with that ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.