Word of Mouth
November 18, 2005

This fungal infection, sometimes called oral thrush, appears as a white raised patch that can be wiped off, cracks at the corner of the lips or ulcers in the mouth with a white border. {{more}}

It is a result of an increased production of the fungus, Candida albicans, in the mouth. The elderly, very young, denture wearers, people with an immune system problem or with a debilitating disease are often the ones affected by these sores. People with dry mouth or on antibiotic treatment are more susceptible to candidiasis.

Antifungal medication is often used to treat

candidiasis, good oral hygiene is important. For denture wearers, these dentures should be cleaned to remove Candida and dentures removed at bedtime. For dry mouth patients, saliva substitutes may be helpful.