Word of Mouth
September 23, 2005
Oral piercing

Each generation has made fashion statements, in the eighties it was the florescent shades and bracelets, the minis and palazzo pants, the nineties was bell bottom pants and baby doll dresses. Today’s youth use tattoos, short shorts, belly breakers and low rise, and then there are those who want to look cool by piercing their tongue or lip. {{more}}

As cool as this may look, there are several complications that may follow, these include pain, swelling, infection, an increased flow of saliva and injuries to the gum tissue. If a blood vessel is punctured during the piercing, severe bleeding can result. The more common effects have been chipped or cracked teeth, swelling of the tongue, blood poisoning and even blood clots and in extreme cases, a severely swollen tongue can actually close off the airway and prevent breathing.

The jewelry itself also presents some hazards, food can collect around them causing bad breath and you can choke on any stud, barbell or loop that may come loose in your mouth.

Most young people are unaware that these alarming side effects could happen to them. So, skip the mouth jewelry and let your healthy smile make your fashion statement.