Word of Mouth
July 15, 2005
Brush to save your life

We often complain about the high cost of dentistry, but often time we pay for the lack of attention we give to our teeth.##M;[more]##

Today the lack of care can cost you not only money but also your life.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, take your tongue and pass it over your teeth, that sticky film you feel is called plaque and is made up of bacteria, saliva and dead cells.

Plaque is removed by proper brushing and flossing. If it is allowed to build-up, the bacteria can cause gum disease and caries. In these unhealthy mouths the bacteria can be passed into the blood stream and travel to the vital organs. As a result your chances of developing diabetes is increased, your risk of having a stroke quadrupled and it makes the chances of having a heart attack increase by 14 times that of a person with a healthy mouth.

Of course these are all worst case scenarios, but do you want to take that chance.

So brush and floss properly twice a day, your life depends on it.