My experience with a Hair Drying Diffuser
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August 23, 2022
My experience with a Hair Drying Diffuser

I HAVE WATCHED lots of videos on naturally curly hair being dried with a diffuser and I’ve always wondered if they were as good as they say or even if they will work as well on my hair texture.

Sometimes when I am in a rush in the morning I hastily apply too much moisture (water) or styling cream and need to get it dried quickly as opposed to taking a towel, drying the hair and destroying the style.

Here is my experience with my recent purchase. So a hair dryer with diffuser attachment finally entered my price range locally and I decided to purchase it. The size was pretty good and a reasonably sized diffuser attachment similar to the picture at right.

I read the instructions and made sure I didn’t plug it into the wrong outlet (always double check). I had washed my hair previously and applied my curling cream and other products such as oils and shea butter mix. I combed my hair in the style I wanted and used my trusted Denman brush to style. I made sure my hair was fully covered with my styling cream as I didn’t want my hair to get frizzy. I proceeded to use the blow dryer and as directed I placed the diffuser on my head to dry the curls. I held it in place, which is a key aspect (you don’t want lots of movement as it will separate your curls), and moved it as I felt heat or felt the hair was dry enough. I did that all over the head, and with the double setting I was able to adjust to the heat with which I was comfortable. I must say that it was a great experience, as my curls were intact and my hair was dry. I did not allow my hair to become too dry as I wanted the hair to hold some of its moisture and finish drying naturally, but it was dry enough for me. One major advantage I enjoyed and I know other ladies go through this.When my hair is wetter the hair is elongated and the style looks different.

As it dries, the hair shrinks and sometimes the look changes. With the diffuser, you are able to hold the hair in place as it dries so the hair stays in its elongated state and doesn’t shrink up as much. I really enjoyed that, because as you know ladies, shrinkage is the devil. So if you too are placed in a position to buy one, I say go for it as it will come in handy from time to time.