DIY Floral Earrings.
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November 2, 2021
DIY Floral Earrings.

So many of these beautiful earrings are sold at exorbitant prices when in fact they are so simple to do it yourself. I’m going to tell you how to make the beautiful earrings in the picture above.

All you need are:

A pair of hoop earrings, any size.

A single bunch of small flowers (multiple petals flowers)

A glue gun.

Start by pulling the flowers off the bunch and divide the bunches into 2. If the flower has a middle piece, you can take that out. It will allow you to take all the petals off the bunch. They will be curved. Take the first flower petal and while it is facing the right you stick the other petal on facing the right. Make sure not to get any glue in the middle as that is where the earring will be going through.

You want to stick the petals so they look fluffy and not uniformed. Once you are done you can run the earing through the hole in the middle and you have a cute floral earing. Repeat with the other bunch and you are set. You can use any size earing and flower. Enjoy your DIY earrings girls.