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October 12, 2021
The truth about Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is not a myth! As vain as it may sound, the benefits of beauty rest are very real. No amount of moisturizing creams or brightening peels can give your skin the fresh-faced glow of a restful night’s beauty sleep. That’s right, beauty sleep is a must for happy, hydrated and youthful-looking skin. Not getting enough sleep takes away from your skin’s natural beauty. If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter or two, you know that a lack of sleep has a sneaky way of showing up on your skin despite your best efforts to keep it under wraps. But what really happens when you don’t get enough sleep? Your body releases more cortisol, the stress hormone which can make you look and feel more stressed and tired. It causes the skin to become inflamed, which disintegrates its collagen. That means over time your skin will have less firmness and elasticity, which will show up as lines, wrinkles, dryness, and thinner skin. Glucocorticoid is also released and that disrupts the structure of the skin, putting you at greater risk of breakouts. Your body doesn’t circulate blood efficiently to the skin, meaning that less oxygen and nutrients reach it, causing dullness and making your skin look older than it is. You put yourself at risk of under-eye dark circles, which causes the blood vessels under the skin in the eye area to dilating. Your body isn’t able to produce enough amounts of growth hormone – which repairs and renews cells and prevents premature aging. Essentially, your whole body needs to go into repair mode when you sleep. Now that I have broken down exactly how important a good nights rest is, I strongly advise thaty you get your essential oils out, turn off the lights and get as comfy as you can so you can get some a good rest. Remember, health is wealth.

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