The Morvan Professional Acrylic Nail Art Kit
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July 27, 2021
The Morvan Professional Acrylic Nail Art Kit

I love a well-manicured, professional set of nails, but for the cost of getting your nails done and refill per month it’s better to invest in this nail kit. A friend of mine bought hers and decided to let me give it a try. I was so impressed with the quality of the product that I bought one myself. The kit is a complete poly nail gel kit with 48W LED Lamp, 6 tube pure colour plus 2 tube temperature changing colour poly gel, nail prep dehydrator and primer, base coat, top coat, nail slip solution and other basic poly gel nail art tools. Whether its beginners or full nail lovers, this poly nail gel kit is convenient for you to build strong, flexible, feather-light nail extensions. The gel is easy to take a shape with a slip solution and will last about one month or longer with proper nail prep (filing, buffering, and cleaning). Notice, slip solution is designed for the nail extension gel especially. With this, you can make this builder gel to shape easily and form on dual forms smoothly. For better adhesion, we add nail prep dehydrate and acid-free nail primer in this poly gel nail kit.

Trust me, it really is as easy as it says it is. One of my favourite attributes is the nail dual form. You can use these by putting the gel into the nail mold that looks just like an acrylic nail and simply press it onto your nail after you have selected the correct size. You then put it under the UV lamp and wait 60 seconds then gently pop it off by lifting it side to side. You are left with a smooth well-manicured nail every time.

When you are filling you just use the brush with some of the solution or even a high percentage rubbing alcohol and mold it to the area and fill it in then put it under the lamp as usual for the same amount of time. The kit comes with gem stones and other beautiful decorations so you can really make your nails fashionable. I would really recommend this nail kit to anyone who is interested in getting well done nails at half the cost. I have attached a link as well so you can see how easy it is. Please note this is a similar product, not the exact thing. I prefer to use the rubbing alcohol to form the gel. You can order it from Amazon.

Tip: You can use nail polish over these nails as well if you wish.

An example of the simple nails I went for.

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