Eye shadow combinations
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June 1, 2021
Eye shadow combinations

Sometimes when we look at some of the colours in our eyeshadow palette we say to ourselves “why would they even put these colours in here?” Even I have been limited in my vision of colours that can go together. This one caught my eye and it was so beautiful I decided to share. All you need are:

Eyeshadow colours in light brown/burnt orange, dark brown, pink and green in shimmer 4 brushes, a crease brush, two eyeshadow brushes and a flat brush to apply primer.

Eyeshadow Primer Eye linger Mascara

Once your eyebrows are done you can prep the eyes with the primer. As the picture above shows, you get your crease brush and start with the light brown or burnt orange shade and gently go back and forth at your crease and above. Apply the darker shade of brown on the same area and down past the crease and also into the outer corner of the eyelid. Take your flat brush and use the primer to define the crease and eyelid leaving a clean area. Get one of the fluffy eyeshadow brushes, then apply the pink shadow to the inner half of the eyelid, then do the same with another brush with the green for the outer half. Do not pass the point where the eye ends. The key to making this look flawless is to give the illusion of the colours merging seamlessly so you must blend them into each other by gently go back and forth over each colour until this is achieved. Get a gel or liquid liner and apply a winged liner or whatever works for your eye shape, then some mascara or lashes if you wish and you’re ready to hit the streets.

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