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May 11, 2021
How to cut your own bangs

Most people are very afraid of cutting their own hair and rightfully so, as a mistake can have you in regret for months.

There is one process that I can say isn’t very hard at all and that is cutting your own bangs. I’ve done this one myself, so I know it works for sure. Here are the simple guidelines to framing your face with bangs. You should start with clean, straight, dry hair. Using a rat tail comb, find the middle of your head (or less, depending on how far back you want your fringe to start from). Using the comb, draw one line from the centre of your head (or the point) to the end of your eyebrows. Do the same with the other side. You should end up with a triangle. Tie the rest of your hair back.

Comb through your hair, then grab it between your index and middle fingers. Twist your hair to the right, and then grab it with your left or right hand. Notice how the hair is now overlapping. By doing this, your fringe will be shorter in the centre and longer on the sides. Get a sharp, long pair of scissors and cut just beneath your fingers. The point you are cutting will be the shortest point of your hair going in both directions from the middle of your forehead.

A good guideline is to rest your hand on the middle of your nose, and cut there. It’s better if you cut a little at a time so you can see if you want to go shorter and just like that you’ve got bangs. When you release the hair you should have cute bangs that give a little frame to your face. The pictures below will help you see exactly what the directions are.
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