Product Review The Crème of Nature ARGAN Oil Heat Protector
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April 13, 2021
Product Review The Crème of Nature ARGAN Oil Heat Protector

IN MY LATEST hair adventure, I’ve seen this product at Massy multiple times, but on this particular visit I decided to try it. The brand is well known and I can attest to its good results in other products. This product claims “This lightweight cream protects hair up to 450 degrees during the blow drying process and smoothes hair to improve manageability, leaving hair full of body, frizz free and smooth with exotic shine”.

I proceeded with my regular wash, then read the instructions and applied the product. Strait off the bat, the smell was nice and the texture was slippery and not too thick. I only needed a few pumps to cover my damp hair from scalp to end and my hair is very long so I was quite surprised at that. The texture also allowed me to detangle my hair quite easily before I blow drying it with a brush. Once that was complete I proceeded to flat iron my hair. One thing I did notice, the shine that they claimed my hair would have was not quite there or maybe I was expecting too much, I don’t know, but I did have that volume.

As I flat ironed the first strand of hair I did notice a difference. Not only was my hair ultra-straight, but it was very lightweight. I did my entire head and there it was, that amazing volume, i’m talking movie star volume (the direction you flat iron your hair has a part to play in this as well). I applied a little moisturizer and hair polish to my hair and I put it in four curling rods. In the morning as I took my hair down, the volume was still there along with a fantastic bounce and no frizz. I have had this product in for two weeks now to see what it does and I am still not disappointed. There is very little frizz and it still gives me great bounce and manageability. I would definitely give that product two thumbs up and recommend it to anyone. If you are looking to buy it yourself, it’s sold at Massy supermarket and most pharmacies that sell hair care products, as well as beauty supply stores, at a manageable price.