Skin Care  Reminders
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January 12, 2021
Skin Care Reminders

Let’s face it the first thing a person sees is your face and if you are looking tired and drained it will show. With the Christmas season just over I’m sure we were all busy with work, shopping and especially housework. So I know some of us will be looking a bit drained. This is always the best time to pamper ourselves form that busy period. This is a gentle reminder of some of the essentials that we should never forget to do.

  • Don’t ever be too tired to wash and cleanse your face. Make sure to wash all your makeup off and before bed every night.
  • Be sure to keep your hydration up as skin cannot glow if it is dry. Drink lots of water as well.
  • Moisture is still as important as it s ever been, in fact maybe ever more so if you are extra busy. So be sure not to slip up.
  • Sunscreen if the best friend you have. Be sure to never forget this process it is the only thing that protects your skin from the sun.
  • Bronzers, blush and highlighter are you re a definite must have. They will give you that extra glow as if the season has never even affected you.
  • Opt for more natural or light colours when making makeup choices.
  • When you get a chance don’t forget to use your masks; get your body scrubs and soaks going. A turmeric mask really helps to brighten your face as well. Exfoliate your skin to get all those dead cells off so the glow can come through.

Once you take these tips into consideration, you definitely don’t have to look the way you may feel.