Full  beginners guide to applying  false lashes
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December 1, 2020
Full beginners guide to applying false lashes

The season of outings is upon us once again and ladies want to get that dramatic look down with some lashes. It can be very intimidating to apply lashes, but with the right guidance you can get it done like a pro. Simply follow these
steps and even if you repeat it once or twice I am confident you will get the results you are looking.

1. Choose the eye and eye lashes style – Select the lashes that you would like to wear. There are many varieties to choose from.

2. Know how to remove lashes from the box – Since beginners usually don’t know the left or right of the lashes it is highly essential to figure it out before removing the lashes from the box. Why this is important is because in the later stage when the lashes are to be trimmed it causes an issue.

3. Measuring and trimming the lashes – Before applying it is important to measure the lashes with your eye size. The measurement shall begin from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Once the size is measured, trim accordingly. Trim the lashes from the outer corner, because cutting them from the inner corner will create a mess and neat application will not be possible.

4. A good Adhesive – Generally there are white and black adhesive which are readily available in the market. White adhesive dries up quicker and due to light coloration it isn’t tricky in application, whereas the black adhesive is darker and can be tough as there is no margin of error but it is stronger in application.

5. Applying the lashes – Before applying the lashes, bend your eyes down and begin to place the false eye lashes right on the real eyes lashes and press them both together gently. Don’t worry if things don’t work out in the first try, the steps can be repeated.

6. Blending the lashes – Using tweezers or fingers squeeze both the lashes together before applying mascara so both of them gel in with each other perfectly. Lash curler can be used prior to using the mascara so it further enhances the volume. Apply mascara to bond both the real and fake lashes and still if some spots look incomplete and empty those can be filled using eye liner to give completeness and fullness.